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The Salons Spring Program

SIAKARA - Afro-Cuban Singing Workshops: Come take part in the wonder

  • Ended
  • $13.75 to $27.46
  • Marrickville Road

Service Description

Welcome to these unique and uplifting workshops of Afro-Cuban songs, chants and rhythms... presented by The Third Voice. About this event *suitable for all singing levels & all ages *no experience necessary *booking welcome, tickets also available at the door *and for afters... there are nibbles and meals, tea and coffee, but its Gasoline Pony – order a drink! Special prices if you book in advance. *all enquiries welcome, please email us at * * * * * * We invite you to come and take part in the wonderful Afro-Cuban tradition of songs, rhythms and chants from the unique melting pot of Indigenous, African and European traditions that is Cuban culture. In this series of family-friendly and interactive workshops, we will lead you in an exploration of Cuban hypnotic grooves through clapping rhythms and body percussion. You’ll sing chants and praise poems in the Lucumí language: a Spanish and Yoruba potpourri from Cuba. These songs are dedicated to the natural elements—the ocean, the wind, the rivers—and celebrate love. The songs and rhythms are easy to learn, and suitable for beginners to advanced singers. They are taught by ear, so you don't need to read music. All that’s required is a willingness to immerse yourself in music and culture. For the more confident and experienced singer, you can even have a go at being the lead caller /singer (Akpón) in a song! So, there is something here for every level. Along the way you’ll also learn about Afro-Cuban musical history and get a chance to play traditional percussion such as cajons, bells and shakers, clave and shekere. For those interested, written music will also be available to take home. * * * * * * “Siakara" means “moving forward with good intentions” in the Yoruba language from west Africa. This journey forward will be led by The Third Voice - vocal trio Clarita Derwent, Christina Mimmocchi and Gemma Turner. Together and separately, the group has been singing and running singing workshops in far-flung places, including Cuba, for many years. Their love of Cuban music, and the opportunity to travel there and work with local musicians, has made it possible to bring these songs–not often heard in Australia–to you. BOOKINGS:

Contact Details

  • Gasoline Pony, Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW, Australia


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